The Great Day Project


The Great Day Project

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Be Inspired And Win Every Day One Day At A Time

Move from the frustration of the day to day mundane tasks, feeling stuck and uninspired to Waking up every day excited to take on the day

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The Great Day Project is not about task management and lists. You have that covered. The focus here is not what you do, but in the way you do it.

We typically won’t stop doing the things we do on a daily bases, which makes up our day and eventually our lives. THE ROUTINE. We need to wake up, get dressed, eat, work, shower, ETC. you get the point. The goal is to experience these things in a way that will make them and your life more exciting. 

From that point, we begin to implement new and exciting things to our day that cause us to be even more inspired and excited which causes this perpetual cycle that keeps us inspired and having great days. 

Course Description

Module 1 - Cultivate Your Positive Mindset
Module 2 - Develop and Execute Your EXP Factor
Module 3 - Lock-In Your Power Anchors
Module 4 - Experience Your Flow
Module 5 - Inspire Your Circle
Module 6 - Live Lifespired