What's your Worship, Connecting with your Creator

Hands raised, tears flowing, emotionally exhilarated.  Is that it? Does that qualify your devotion?

 I am writing this because I was asked, what makes me different!  What makes LIFESPIRED different than any other brand that is talking about positivity and a better life. 

I DON'T KNOW! I am not trying to be different, I am not trying to be the same.  I am not trying to be or do anything other than me.  This is my worship and my devotion to my Creator to be honest.  I have been blessed to have had experienced the best life has to offer. 

I've been to different Continents, countries, islands, and states.  Had some of the most exotic and great tasting foods, to include what would be taboo to me.  Horse, Jellyfish, Frog, snake and much more.  (No judgment)

I have some of the greatest human beings in my life.  From family, friends and others that play a part in this life of mine.  

Things I have done and the experiences I have had from snorkeling in Culebra, yoga in Hawaii, market shopping in Tunisia, apple picking in NY, conversing over a meal, The list is endless. What does this have to do with worship and you?

Life keeps getting better.  Why? because I know how to appreciate its gifts, know what to look for in it, and how to see it differently than most people. 

I am 100% sure that you, even in your struggles have had been blessed to have had some amazing experiences that go well beyond, food and places.   

Even after having experienced all of those things, we still stand here naked before the Creator,  what is left? just to have more, more of these fleeting experiences?  For me I am left with the words I heard when I was 20 years old after my prayer to God.  

Me-"God, I love you so much, How do I show you and prove it to you, being that you are invisible and without form

Creator-" Love my Creation as you would Me, what you do to them you do to me" This is how you show me your love.

I am not perfect, but most things I do or try to do in my life are not for you or myself,  It is my act of worship, my devotion to my Creator.  My hands may not be raised before you, but my heart is!  you may not hear a sermon out my mouth but let my actions speak louder.

When I tell you great day, you are amazing, or I love you.  You can live your dreams, win the day, or I believe in you.  These are sacraments that I share with you and my Creator.  Because I know how much God loves you and myself.  I truly desire to reflect that love in this hazy mirror.  

I am for raising your hands or lifting up your voice or standing in quiet.  Whatever you do that is your Worship, It is yours :)  This post is a part of my worship.  LIFESPIRED is not a name, It is an embodiment of the passion I have to inspire you to live your best life and to live your worship.  

Connect with your Creator in way that goes beyond what you.  In a way that reflects who you are and everything you do will be your act of worship. Find and live your worship.   If you are stuck, I can assure what I heard years ago was not just for me. Love thy neighbor.   GOD BLESS YOU!   LIVE!!!