The Pain of Lost

Welcome to life, the human experience!

Things come and go in our lives, so do people. It’s a funny thing how we determine and give value to the things we do. What we choose to hold on to and what we choose to let go.

We spend too much time trying to understand or fix things, that we tend lose the very gift of the experience. Things are always changing and with every change there is a new experience. Experiences at its core are our very gift in this life. Yes, some may be undesirable but even they have their value

Lost is inevitable, weather it be separation, death, change or any other reason. This is part of the cycle. There is a scripture that says “For everything there is a time” (Ecclesiastes 3)

The pain we feel usually comes when, we for our reason try to determine and decide when that time should or shouldn’t be. We tend to be so near sighted that we focus on us, our lost, how this affects me or mine. ≥we even create stories and perspective realities so vivid in our imagination that it bleeds into our reality seeming so real.

Understand that lost is never truly lost. True, we do not get back exactly what we had, but with faith and vision, we can see how order prevails. Like in the natural world, there is always with death, a birth. as the leaves fall in the Fall, they regrow again in the spring.

Our lives are no different. Voids will be filled, love will be found, relationships restored or replaced, and new birth follows death.. Love like energy will be transferred but never lost.

How do we arrive to the place where we can embrace the pain that we so desperately want to rid ourselves of. First we must start with Love. With love in your heart, you can begin to accept, appreciate, and respect what is. Respecting life’s choice and knowing all things work together for our good. Peace subsides in our heart.

Much of our pain comes from our memories and our projected future desires. That is why it is important to not only monitor our thoughts but put our focus and attention on that which is and what we currently have. Enjoy the gifts of the experiences we have had and new ones will fill our lives.

Remember that all of our emotions play their part and are amazing in their own way. Embrace them to truly experience the flavor of life.