Have you ever had too many options and as a result got stressed and chose nothing?

Growing up in Brooklyn NY as a kid, the corner store was the place where every person from the neighborhood wanted to hang out. WHY? Food, Drinks, and everything else you can think of.

When you were hungry and wanted to get something to eat, you would go ask for a "ham and cheese sandwich" and that is what you got. Italian bread, whatever ham and cheese they had, and you enjoyed it with your crew. you walked away feeling good.

Fast forward many years later, with many advances in society and many things to make life better, we find ourselves in a conundrum. Go and ask for a sandwich now, and you get "what kind of bread, what kind of ham and cheese", (the flavor, the brand, the color, the thickness, the age, and the endless list of options). you walk away tired, stressed and concerned if you made the best choice about your Sandwich. 

I am guilty of overthinking things in my life as I am sure you are at times also. That overthinking has cost me many years of taking action, Wondering if I'm making the best choice. A lot of times, too many options and overthinking, wanting things to be perfect, hinders progress. The lack of action is what stops us from reaching or even starting on our goals

On this path toward being Inspired To Live, "LIFESPIRED" taking action is key. We will learn, grow, get better and re-adjust. Don't lose out by wanting things to be perfect in order to start. Start, and keep working at it. IT WILL GET BETTER :) This fearless action is a major key to achieving success.