Your existence! What is worth it?

Is the life you’re currently living, it?

This is not about judging your current life but more about revealing it. It is so easy to get caught up in the normal that we lose sight. Even so much that when we ask ourselves what do we want?

we respond usually with a thing to do or a goal to achieve that is normally attached to our current desires.

Problem with that is, the things we want change. So to pursue something with all this energy to arrive and want something else makes you wonder. After enough of these experiences the bigger questions become more relevant.

One question that holds importance is, what is worth not just your life but a far bigger idea your existence!

The difference between the two are what they may mean to us. Our “life” we tend to see it as who we are, or want to be, and the things we do

Our existence is far above that. it goes beyond just us into the belief that if God put me here and my time is limited, is what I am doing and the life that I am experiencing on a normal everyday bases truly “it”. closer to the idea of purpose.

The people, places and things in our lives, now begin to hold and carry a weight that is so much more dense. We move from just being busy with our to do lists and our accomplishments to connecting on a deeper level. A level that is worth our very existence. A level that our Creator becomes excited as it resonates with purpose

You can go back to just living your normal life. There is nothing wrong with that, but looking inside yourself, connecting with God and begin living your very life in a way that becomes worth your existence will bring a new level of meaning to your life and existence.

It still begs the question! how do we live in such a way